A Message About Oral Cancer Prevention

When you come in for your normal six month preventive dentistry appointment at our Fairhope, AL office, you will receive your dental cleaning first. At this time, an oral cancer screening will be performed using a mouth rinse. Once your dental cleaning is done, Dr. Boles will come and will go over any major concerns and offer you treatment options.

If you stop by regularly, we’ll be able to detect any changes since your last appointment, but sometimes dangerous issues can unfold in the months between office-visits. That’s why today we’d like to tell you what to look for and what to avoid as far as oral cancer detection goes. Keep reading, and then be sure to contact us to arrange for your next teeth cleaning and dental exam at Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry.

Know The Warning Signs

Since early detection is the key to survival, we wanted to briefly touch on some of the more common oral cancer indicators. These include: white, red, or speckled lumpy spots; sores; raised bumps; open wounds; ulcers; bleeding in the mouth; pain when swallowing; difficulty moving your jaw; etc. Always let us know ASAP if you are confronted with any such warning signs!

Risk Factors

Here’s the thing: there is plenty that you can control when it comes to oral health. For instance, there are certain things you can do, or abstain from doing, that will help to keep you on track. In regards to oral cancer, please take heed of the following risk factors…

Tobacco Use

Tobacco use is actually the leading cause of oral cancer in this country. Obviously, if you aren’t already using tobacco, it would be better for you if you didn’t ever start. And if you already smoke, chew, dip, or vape, it is time to think about letting it go!


Alcohol abuse is another major risk factor as far as oral cancer is concerned. If you smoke and drink, that is even worse. Here’s why: alcohol dries out the soft tissues of your mouth. This can make it easier for the chemicals in tobacco to get into those tissues.

Poor Diet

As your partner in oral health, we want you to be mindful in general of what goes into your body. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can actually lower your risk for mouth cancer.


Here is a simple rule for fun in the sun: don’t over do it, and always use protection like a high SPF level sunscreen. Sunburns have been linked not only to skin cancer, but to cancer on your lips as well.

Family History

If you have a history of cancer your likelihood of developing oral cancer is much higher, which means you will need to be more cautious when it comes to the factors that you can control.

Frequency Of Dental Appointments

Your safest bet for preventing and/or beating oral cancer is to have a dentist you can trust as your partner in oral health. Stopping by our Fairhope dentist’s office every 3-6 months will help keep you cancer-free and worry-free because Dr. Boles and the rest of our team have invested heavily in the tools, training, and technology that matter. We hope that you will come see for yourself.

Stay Healthy, Request An Appointment!

If you have been inspired by today’s post to schedule your next dental appointment, just call us at today at (251) 210-7142. And remind your family that April is oral cancer prevention month!