Are Your Teeth Ready For The New Year?

It’s hard to believe we’re already into November! The holidays are coming up, starting with Thanksgiving in a few weeks, and soon you’ll be surrounded by friends and family. It’s an exciting time of year to catch up with those you haven’t seen in a long time and you definitely want to look your best! This is also the time of year to use any remaining insurance benefits – so why not beautify your smile at Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry right now?

We offer a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments that can be done in just one or two visits! If you act fast to secure an appointment now we could have your cosmetic procedure done in time for the holiday season. Imagine seeing friends and family with a brand new beautiful smile that you really love!

Quick Cosmetic Procedures: Your Options

A lot of patients assume that cosmetic dentistry takes time. While many of the procedures we perform do take place over the course of months or years there are several options available to perfect your smile in far less time!

Cosmetic Bonding uses the same material we use to make tooth colored fillings. Called dental composite it’s made of a blend of plastics and glass that combine to make a strong, lifelike cosmetic supplement to your existing healthy teeth! We can use cosmetic bonds to reshape teeth, cover deep stains, close gaps, and even repair chips and cracks! The best part is that we can do all that in just one visit to our Fairhope dentist office!

Teeth Whitening can get your smile brighter than ever before in just one visit! Our professional strength treatments are available in our office or at home – don’t mess around with over-the-counter products that often don’t work. Get real results at our Fairhope dentist office!

Teeth Recontouring involves remodeling the surfaces of any teeth you’re unhappy with. We can remove a small amount of enamel, exposing the healthy, white material underneath. If you have enamel that’s discolored from stains or fluorosis we can wipe them away with teeth recontouring! Some patients also opt for recontouring if their teeth have uneven enamel or deep ridges. All it takes is one visit to remove unsightly spots, lines, and blemishes from your teeth! You’ll walk out with a brand new, beautiful smile!

Gum Reshaping can eliminate a gummy smile that has left you embarrassed and ashamed for years! If you show off more gums than teeth when you smile this is the perfect procedure for you! And before you think that it will take too long to heal we have great news for you – we use lasers! Our dental lasers reshape your gums without a single cut. That means faster healing, no stitches, and a beautiful look you can see almost immediately. Our laser gum reshaping leaves you with minimal pain too!

Veneers can be done in just a couple of appointments and can beautify your smile like no other treatment we have available! Our veneers are made from advanced dental porcelain that is shaped into wafer-thin pieces we attach to your teeth. Used for the same purposes as cosmetic bonding, veneers have the advantage of lasting longer, looking more real, and making your smile even more elegant! Because veneers can take a couple of appointments to complete we recommend making an appointment for this procedure today!

Health Is Part Of Beauty As Well!

You can’t have a great looking smile that isn’t healthy as well! If you’ve been putting a visit to our Fairhope office off now is the time to come see us! Regular exams and cleanings are an important part of maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile!

Our recommended six month checkups allow us to identify and treat dental issues before they become serious! Tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues are best treated proactively so make sure you’re protecting your teeth the best way possible by seeing us today!

Don’t be nervous about your dental care! Our caring staff will make your smile healthy, beautiful, and happy with our exceptional compassion and dedication to making your visit a good one!

If you’re ready to get your dental needs taken care of before the hectic holidays hit then don’t wait another minute – call Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry today! You can reach our office by phone at (251) 210-7142 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!