What’s The Deal With Dental Plaque? We can not overstate the value of getting a professional-grade teeth cleaning and dental exam every six months at our Fairhope, AL dentist’s office. These things should be enough to keep your mouth clean and keep your smile looking great all through life. Trust us, this stuff matters! In today’s video link, you’ll hear all... Read more »

Try Dental Implants For A Better Life If you are one of the millions of Americans living with the aftermath of adult tooth loss, you already know that teeth are not the only things you are missing! Your confidence has likely been lost. Your health has been compromised. You won’t look or feel like your old self. It can be downright depressing.... Read more »

A Message About Oral Cancer Prevention When you come in for your normal six month preventive dentistry appointment at our Fairhope, AL office, you will receive your dental cleaning first. At this time, an oral cancer screening will be performed using a mouth rinse. Once your dental cleaning is done, Dr. Boles will come and will go over any major concerns... Read more »

There’s Smile Power In Preventive Dentistry The preventive dentistry specialists in our Fairhope, AL dentist’s office are ready to give you more “smile power” this Spring! To see what we mean, check out this cool clip from the American Dental Association’s archives in which they talk about the importance of nutrition, brushing and flossing, and preventive dental cleanings and oral exams.... Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry Is What We Do! In our Fairhope, AL dentist’s office we have all the tools and training to keep your mouth healthy and clean. But we can also help you boost the appearance of your smile through one of our easy and effective cosmetic dentistry solutions. In fact, Dr. Boles is the go-to guy in the region when it... Read more »

What You Should Know About Tobacco And Your Smile While it is not considered “cool” the way it was in earlier eras, many Americans still consume tobacco products of all kinds. That’s why, today, we wanted to share a video clip from our friends at the American Dental Association. It uncovers the myriad ways in which tobacco adversely impacts your oral health and wreaks... Read more »

Want To Seal Out Gum Disease And Tooth Decay? | Fairhope, AL When you visit our Fairhope, AL dentist’s office twice a year for a professional teeth cleaning and oral examination, you’ll be doing your smile a favor. But those things, along with your daily care at home, are just the beginning of preventive dentistry. For further protection, Dr. Boles can place dental sealants right over your... Read more »

Don’t Let Fear Of The Dentist Stand In Your Way | Fairhope, AL Some folks are just a little bit frightened when it comes to seeing the dentist. This is actually a very real condition known as dental anxiety. In the grand scheme it is not a big deal. It is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. However, the problem is that harboring a deep-seated fear of the... Read more »

Metal-Free Cavity Treatments | Fairhope, AL Our Fairhope, AL dentist’s office wants to make it easy for you to stay on track with your oral health. So, today we’d like to talk about one of our specialties: restorative dentistry. In particular, we want to tell you how we handle cavities: with tooth-colored fillings that are painless and pleasant to receive. Here’s... Read more »

Choose Your Toothpaste Wisely For Optimal Oral Health | Fairhope, AL At Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry, we are known for helping folks improve the appearance of their smile. But you can also depend on us to give you the best possible preventive dental care. Our Fairhope, AL dentist’s office can set you up with professional teeth cleanings, dental sealants, oral exams, and more. To help you optimize... Read more »