Is Your Dental Hygiene As Good As You Think It Is? [quiz] You brush your teeth every day (usually). You floss (before dental appointments). You use mouthwash (before dates). And you go to the dentist for cleanings (or just when you have a toothache). So your smile is squeaky clean, right? Maybe not. Good dental hygiene is easy, but it’s not as simple as you might think.... Read more »

End Your TMJ Pain By Seeing An Expert Does your partner often ask if you have been chewing marbles while you sleep? Do you wake up with jaw pain that radiates through your head and neck, sometimes across your shoulders? You may have a TMJ disorder. Grinding and clenching teeth at night (or during the day, or at dusk and dawn), called bruxism,... Read more »

More Good News About Dental Implants Hello and welcome to our online home. We hope to see your smiling face in person sometime soon. And even if you don’t feel much like smiling, we can help. That’s especially true if you are an adult living without a complete set of teeth. We know how that can be a deeply painful and... Read more »

What Do You Know About Dental Implants? Hello and welcome back to the online home of Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry. We hope that we will soon see your smiling face in person at our Fairhope, AL dentist’s office. That’s because there is so much we can do for the health of your mouth and the appearance of your smile. This is especially true... Read more »

The Year Is Halfway Over, Have You Been To The Dentist? Like it or not, 2017 is now halfway over. And if you have been too busy to stop by our Fairhope, AL dentist’s office at least once, that is bad news for your smile because you are missing out on all the great things we can do to boost the health and appearance of your... Read more »

Makeover Your Smile For Summer And Beyond! Have you been too embarrassed to smile during all those moments of summer fun that have surely come your way by now? Well, we have a solution for that unfortunate situation: cosmetic dentistry. That’s right, with the appropriate combination of smile makeover techniques, our Fairhope, AL dentist’s office can quickly transform your unseemly collection of... Read more »

What Makes For A Great Toothpaste? At Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry, we know that you will need a great dentist to visit and the right tools to use at home in order to keep your smile in tip-top shape at every stage of life. So, check out the video clip below to see our friends from the American Dental Association discussing which... Read more »

A 100% Metal-Free Dentist’s Office In Fairhope, AL Here’s something that ought to make you smile: here at Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry we do not utilize mercury fillings in our office. That’s no accident, either. We made a conscious decision to be 100% metal-free for your safety and protection and to ensure that your smile will be able to look its best even following... Read more »

What’s The Deal With Dental Plaque? We can not overstate the value of getting a professional-grade teeth cleaning and dental exam every six months at our Fairhope, AL dentist’s office. These things should be enough to keep your mouth clean and keep your smile looking great all through life. Trust us, this stuff matters! In today’s video link, you’ll hear all... Read more »

Try Dental Implants For A Better Life If you are one of the millions of Americans living with the aftermath of adult tooth loss, you already know that teeth are not the only things you are missing! Your confidence has likely been lost. Your health has been compromised. You won’t look or feel like your old self. It can be downright depressing.... Read more »