End Your TMJ Pain By Seeing An Expert

Does your partner often ask if you have been chewing marbles while you sleep? Do you wake up with jaw pain that radiates through your head and neck, sometimes across your shoulders?

You may have a TMJ disorder. Grinding and clenching teeth at night (or during the day, or at dusk and dawn), called bruxism, is not always a symptom but it’s often an indicator. And it definitely can make the pain worse.

Other symptoms of a TMJ disorder include:

  • Pain when you chew or speak
  • Difficulty opening your mouth
  • A jaw that locks open or closed
  • Painful clicking in your jaw
  • An uncomfortable bite – you can feel something is off
  • Swelling in your jaw

When you have symptoms that tell you something is not right, you should trust your body. It was designed to tell you when things are not kosher!

And when your body is telling you that something is wrong with your jaw, you can trust your Fairhope, AL dentist to fix it.

At Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry, we take our patients seriously when they report pain. And our patients know we will offer a serious solution.

Trust Us To Treat Your TMJ Pain

First things first: everyone has TMJ, or a temporomandibular joint. It is what connects your jawbone to your skull. Saying you have TMJ is like saying you have a knuckle or a knee! If you have the symptoms listed above, you may have a TMJ disorder or dysfunction (TMD).

And if you have a TMJ disorder, Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry should be your choice for treatment.

Several dentists offer TMD treatment, but few have the extensive experience and education Dr. Boles has.

In addition to attending dental school, Dr. Boles has completed coursework at The Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (FACE). This organization offers highly advanced training in TMD treatment.

Based on your symptoms, we will come up with a pain relief plan tailored to you. This may include:

  • TMD splint
  • Occlusal therapy
  • Full-mouth rehabilitation based on FACE training
  • Post-TMD follow-up treatments

Do Not Buy A Mouthguard At The Drugstore To Treat A TMJ Disorder

You may be tempted to buy a mouthguard at your local drugstore to treat your TMD symptoms. While it may temporarily address your symptoms, we don’t advise it. Drugstore mouthguards take a general approach to treat a highly specific problem. It is entirely possible for you to make your TMD worse.

At Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry we will create a splint designed just for your mouth and your symptoms.

As a matter of fact, not all splints are even the same.

  • Stabilization splints protect your teeth from the effects of bruxism.
  • Repositioning splints balance the distribution of stress on your TMJ.

Do Not Fear Full-Mouth Rehabilitation For TMJ Disorder Treatment

The vast majority of people find relief from their TMD with the use of appliances and therapy.

If your TMD is severe or these traditional methods do not sufficiently relieve your pain, we may recommend a full-mouth rehabilitation.

Dr. Boles’ FACE training covered full-mouth rehabilitation for TMD. This involves tweaking the shape of your teeth so that they are resting against each other in a way that balances the pressure on your TMJ.

To achieve the ideal shape for your chompers, we may employ tooth contouring or even veneers. Not many folks have a perfect bite, but our goal is to give you a healthy one. In addition to these corrections, Dr. Boles will work with you on occlusal therapeutic techniques to ensure that your bite is landing where it should.

Tooth contouring and veneers are often used cosmetically to bring harmony to an uneven smile. You will reap this benefit as a bonus to your pain relief. Imagine a solution to your headaches and a more beautiful smile!

Do Not Live With TMJ Pain

Earlier we said to trust your body, and we meant it. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. If you ignore that, you run the risk of worsening a condition.

If TMD is what is wrong, we are the ones who can make it right. No matter what is causing your TMJ pain, we will find a solution. If that involves a specialist outside our office, we will make sure to refer you to the best person for the job.

Listen to what your body is saying. It is telling you to call Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry at 251-210-7142.