How to Choose a Toothbrush

Hey there, Fairhope! Welcome once again to the regular blog from the office of Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry. The health of your teeth and gums is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to see how your oral health has a direct effect on the well being of your entire body. That is why preventive care is so important. Proper oral hygiene will stop health problems, like tooth decay and gum disease, before they ever happen.

Sometimes the most important aspects of oral hygiene get overlooked because they seem so simple. For instance, how much thought do you give to choosing your toothbrush? How often do you change your toothbrush? Have you ever considered the effects your toothbrush has on your oral health?

Here at Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry, we want to help you make the right choices when it comes oral hygiene and preventive care. That is why we publish this blog. We can use this convenient online forum to keep you thinking about your oral health between visits to our office in Fairhope.

What to Consider When Choosing a Toothbrush

For a lot of people, a toothbrush is just a toothbrush, one is as good as another. While a toothbrush does not have to be anything particularly fancy or expensive, they are not all the same, and picking one that does not suit your needs could do more harm than good. So, here are some things to consider when choosing your next toothbrush.

Size – When it comes to toothbrushes, one size does not fit all. You need a toothbrush that has a head big enough to provide effective coverage when you brush. If the head is too small, you have to work harder to cover the same area as a larger toothbrush. This means you are more likely to miss important areas. On the other hand, if the head of your toothbrush is too large, it will not move around easily inside your mouth. As a result, certain areas, most likely your back teeth, will be neglected.

Most adults need a toothbrush that has head which is half an inch wide and an inch long. Of course, this depends entirely on how big or small you are. Toothbrushes come in different sizes for exactly this reason. And as for the handle, you just want to make sure it is long enough to allow a firm grip and to easily control your toothbrush while brushing.

Bristle Firmness – Typically, toothbrushes have three options for bristle firmness: soft, medium, and hard. For the most part, you want to choose a toothbrush with soft bristles. If the bristles are too hard, they can damage your gums or even your teeth.

If you suspect soft bristles aren’t getting your teeth clean, for whatever reason. Come see us at Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry and we will help you choose a brush that will get your teeth clean with damaging your smile.

Electric or Manual?

One of the biggest questions you must answer when choosing a toothbrush is whether or not to go electric. Truth is: it doesn’t matter much as long as you are using proper brushing techniques. Study after study has shown that there is not notable difference between an electric toothbrush and a manual one when it comes to preventive care. And since you have to replace electric toothbrush heads as often as you have to replace manual toothbrushes, you are not saving any money by plugging in your toothbrush.

The only time the benefits of an electric toothbrush cannot be denied is if your hand movement is impaired. If an injury or arthritis makes brushing with a manual brush painful or difficult, then that an electric brush is the perfect choice.

Otherwise, it just comes down to personal preference.

Let Us Help

If you are having trouble deciding which toothbrush best suits your needs, or you want to learn more about preventive dental care, come to the office of Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry in Fairhope, AL. We will help make this important choice an easy one.

Don’t forget that regular visits to our office will let us help you stay healthy by cleaning and examining your teeth, so your smile looks healthy and bright.

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