Dental Crowns and Bridges Can Give You Your Dream Smile !

If you are in need of dental restoration services in the Eastern Shore and Fairhope area, you’ll find that dental crowns and dental bridges are two of the most common options. The reason behind the commonality is that they are affordable, mimic natural teeth, and create a beautiful smile for all patients.

When your teeth are broken, damaged, or missing, you will find that a dental crown or dental bridge is a great solution for your mouth. Both dental crowns and bridges are comfortable solutions to correct and deliver a beautiful smile.

Many patients worry that a dental crown or dental bridge will cause difficulties for them once they are in place; however, you will find that your new dental restoration feels just like your natural teeth and many patients forget they even had a restoration placed.

We Specialize in Dental Crowns

What is a dental crowns? A dental crowns is a type of dental restoration procedure that includes placing a cap over top of your damaged tooth. Whether the tooth has been damaged due to severe decay or a break, the dental crown will easily fit over top and protect it. The dental crown acts as a barrier to protect your tooth without having the tooth removed.

Dental crowns serve other purposes as well. They may be used to help close gaps in your teeth caused from spacing issues and trauma.

Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry offers a variety of dental crown materials from traditional metal crowns to porcelain crowns. Metal crowns are a much more durable option over porcelain, but some patients prefer porcelain as it better matches the color of your teeth.

If you are looking for the durability of metal, but the look of porcelain, we offer a porcelain fused to metal option.

Not sure which option to choose? Our Fairhope, AL dentist Dr. Boles can discuss the different types of dental crowns with you and help you make the best decision.

We’re Proud to Offer Dental Bridges

If you are missing a tooth, you may be embarrassed to smile out in public and in front of other people. Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry can change the way you see your smile with dental bridges.

Dental bridges procedure are a dental option that replaces your missing teeth by connecting two teeth with crowns on them to an artificial tooth that sits in the middle. The teeth that are located on the sides of the artificial tooth will be sanded down and capped prior to placing the dental bridge in your mouth. Once the teeth are ready, the dental crowns are bonded into place.

Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry offers a variety of materials for your dental bridges. From porcelain to traditional metal, we can help you choose the best option for your teeth.

If you are interested in dental crowns and dental bridges Fairhope, AL area, call Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry today at (251) 210-7142 . If you are in a rush and not near a phone, fill out our convenient appointment form.