The Dental Defense Diet

In our last blog we took a look at some snacks and drinks that can lay waste to your teeth. It’s an unfortunate fact that sugar is in most things we eat and is as sure-fire way to end up with cavities! Fortunately there are foods you can eat that help counteract and prevent tooth decay and gum disease! We’re happy to share them with you at our Fairhope dentist office!

Eating well is a key part of maintaining a healthy mouth and a healthy body. By eliminating some of the foods we mentioned previously and making sure you eat these healthy alternatives you’re doing your teeth and body a favor!

Good Food #1: Cheese

You can’t go wrong with dairy for your dental and skeletal health but there’s one food that dominates the others when it comes to protecting your teeth: cheese! And good thing too, because it’s a darn tasty snack as well!

Cheese contains a compound called casein phosphate which has the same enamel-rebuilding capabilities as fluoride! It also tends to hang around your mouth for a while and give your teeth a longer-lasting boost of assistance! Cheese is also very basic on the pH scale and does a great job at countering plaque acids!

Good Food #2: High-Fiber Vegetables

Dark leafy greens like spinach and other veggies like broccoli, carrots, beans, and other fiber-rich vegetables aren’t just good for you because of the great vitamins and nutrients they contain. They’re also rich in fiber, which helps you generate more saliva! Saliva is a key part in maintaining a healthy mouth because it washes away food particles, neutralizes acids, and clears out plaque bacteria.

Whether you’re eating them plain, blanched, stewed, or in a salad these veggies are a sure way to keep your mouth and your body healthy! Don’t hesitate to stack up on them next time you’re at the grocery store!

Good Food #3: Tea

No, not the sweet kind – that has way too much sugar! Brewed tea is really good for your teeth when it’s served plain though – hot or iced! Tea contains compounds called catechins that do an amazing job at cleaning up your teeth and gums!

Catechins are found in higher concentrations in green tea but black is still good as well! They actually neutralize acids and kill bacteria, reducing the rate of acid generation completely! So rethink your next morning caffeine boost and make it tea instead of coffee!

Good Food #4: Water

Of course water is on this list! Water is one of nature’s natural cleansers and does a great job at keeping you hydrated so saliva is produced, keeping your mouth clean, and washing away food particles trapped in hard-to-reach places!

The best water for you to drink is straight out of the tap, especially if you’re using a city water system! Most cities in the United States add fluoride to their water, which adds an extra layer of tooth protection by helping to rebuild enamel that’s lost due to plaque acids!

Even if you don’t drink water from the tap you still cook with it so you get an extra dose of fluoride from meals too!

Good Oral Health Choices Aren’t Just Diet

Eating well is an important part of protecting your teeth but it isn’t enough to do the job by itself. A healthy mouth also requires good oral care habits like twice a day brushing and evening flossing and the most critical: professional oral health care!

At Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry we’re committed to proactive dental care that prevents serious conditions like cavities and tooth decay and we want to help you live healthy! Make sure you’re seeing us every six months so that we can examine and clean your teeth – this helps us diagnose and treat conditions before they get bad!

Do your teeth a favor and give us a call – we’re here to answer questions and get you set up with great dental care! You can call our Fairhope dentist office at (251) 210-7142 and you can also schedule an appointment online by filling out our appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!