Top Seven Easy Cosmetic Dental Fixes

It might seem hard to imagine, but the concerns you have about your smile might be easier to fix than you think! At Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry, we’ve been perfecting teeth and creating dream smiles for years! Advances in dentistry have made cosmetic solutions far easier than in the past, which is why we’re presenting our top ten list of easy cosmetic fixes! Hopefully you’ll find the exact solution you need!

#7: Discolored Teeth

Are your teeth becoming dull with age? Do you miss that lustre and shine of a beautiful white smile? Life has a way of fading your smile, whether it’s trauma, coffee and tea, smoking, or other foods that stain your teeth. We have great whitening solutions to help you get that shine back!

We offer whitening services at our office, and as take-home kits! Our in-office solution features custom-made trays that provide complete coverage and amazingly fast results, and our take-home kits feature prescription strength whitening in a simple adhesive strip!

#6: Deep Stains

Do you have a stubborn stain that just won’t go away? Our whitening solutions can take care of most stains, and those that can’t be addressed through whitening can be erased through enamel recontouring, teeth bonding, and veneers! Depending on the depth and severity of the stain, we’ll propose a treatment that will have you smiling big in no time at all – most patient can get results in just one visit!

#5: A Gap In Your Teeth

A gap in your teeth used to mean braces, but not anymore! We can close a gapped smile with ease, and depending how fast you need your smile perfected we can do it in just one visit! We offer two ways to close gaps fast: bonding and veneers.

Bonding involves the direct placement of composite resins to your teeth. They go on soft and allow us to shape them to be precisely what you want. After you’re satisfied with the look of your bonds we’ll harden them with a special light, and voila! No more gap in just one short visit!

Veneers are the advanced option for patients wanting a lifelike, long-lasting solution to things like gaps, and are almost just as easy to apply as bonds, only taking one additional visit to complete!

#4: Bumpy, Uneven Enamel

Sometimes you end up growing into teeth with bumpy, ridged, or uneven enamel and it can be embarrassing! Uneven enamel can also cause one tooth to be longer than the other, or for the bottom of your teeth to have an uneven or angular appearance. Thankfully fixing this problem can be done in just one easy visit!

Using special tools and a process called tooth recontouring, we can remove thin layers of your enamel to smooth, reshape, and perfect the look of your teeth! This painless and simple procedure will leave you with beautiful, even teeth that you’ll love!

#3: White Spots

White spots and uneven coloration on your teeth generally mean one of two things: too much enamel or too little – both can be embarrassing and make you less likely to want to smile! Thankfully this is just one more condition that is easy to treat, and depending on the specific causes and severity of your discoloration we can solve it with one of our great cosmetic techniques!

Tooth recontouring allows us to remove thin layers of your enamel to even out color, and bonding or veneers enable us to add a thin shell over your teeth that will cover stains that recontouring can’t remove. In as little as one visit you can have beautiful, evenly colored teeth – why wait?

#2: Misaligned Teeth

If you have a few misaligned teeth ruining your smile, we can bring them right into line using veneers, bonding, or recontouring! While severe cases of malocclusion and misalignment may require orthodontic treatment, we can treat simple issues of a crooked tooth in as little as one appointment!

That one tooth that’s been out of place for years is the perfect candidate for a one-visit solution that will help you smile with confidence and enjoy the self-assuredness that a great smile can bring!

#1: Damaged Teeth

Chipped, cracked, or traumatized teeth don’t have to be left in bad shape – we can fix your teeth and protect them with a dental crown that will be perfectly matched to your natural teeth – you won’t even know it’s there!

Crowns are hollow artificial teeth that are permanently attached on top of a damaged tooth. The great thing about these restorations is the variety of materials we offer to fulfill different roles and the protection that your tooth gets. Damaged teeth often end up the victim of other problems later in life, but a crown now can preserve your smile and the health of your teeth! Even better it only takes a couple of appointments!

If any of these quick-fix cosmetic problems sound like what you need, don’t wait another day to start on the road to a perfect smile! These treatments are easy, cost-effective, and most have little to no recovery time! Do your smile a favor and call us today at (251) 210-7142 or schedule an appointment online!