What Can A Dental Implant Do For You?

A lost tooth can do a lot to your smile and your self-esteem! If you’re missing one or more teeth you’ve probably wondered what your options are – a bridge? What about partial or full dentures? At Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry we take care of all of those procedures but we also offer the premier tooth restoration procedure: dental implants!

A dental implant acts just like a real tooth, so you’ll feel confident and comfortable with its look and behavior. You won’t have to worry about a dental implant falling out or slipping when you least expect it!

What Is A Dental Implant?

Implants are small titanium screws that are about the size of your natural teeth’s roots. We place them in the space left behind by your missing tooth and in a matter of weeks they’ll be strongly bonded to your bone! Once your implant has healed we’ll restore it with an incredibly lifelike crown or bridge that will be firmly anchored and just as comfortable as a natural tooth!

Implants at our Fairhope dentist office can restore a single tooth all the way up to a full-mouth restoration using the All-on-6 method! You can ditch those uncomfortable dentures for a permanent smile that’ll let you eat the foods you love!

Implants Prevent Bone Loss!

A single lost tooth can be the beginning of a domino effect of lost teeth! When you lose a tooth the bone that held it in place starts to recede and be reabsorbed back into your body. When this happens the neighboring teeth are at risk as well! Without the missing tooth to hold them in position and shrinking bone leaving them with even less support those teeth will start to loosen and shift to fill the hole.

As those neighboring teeth shift so do the ones next to them. This causes a change in your entire bite and so other teeth move to try to find a new comfortable position. All this shifting has one outcome: loosening and lost teeth!

Implants preserve the bone from the socket of the missing tooth by bonding with it. Titanium has a great ability to fuse with bone, and the presence of the implant stops your teeth from shifting as well! You’re stopping the domino effect before it even begins!

Implants Are Permanent!

Because of the strong bond created by dental implants you’ll never have to worry about your teeth slipping and falling out at the wrong moment! If you wear dentures you’re probably familiar with that fear: will the next bite you take dislodge your dentures and cause an embarrassing scene?

We can even use your existing dentures to create an implant-retained denture system that gives your dentures an amazing amount of support! Using a series of dental implants we can fit your dentures with sockets or clasps that snap right on to your implants. Your dentures will still be removable but you won’t have to worry about them embarrassing you in the middle of a social event or meal!

Implants Look Amazing!

We use the most advanced materials available to create amazingly realistic looking crowns and bridges to restore your implants. You might be surprised at how real they look – some patients can’t even believe it one they’re placed!

Today’s dental composites and porcelain do an amazing job at mimicking the translucent appearance of natural teeth. In side-by-side photo comparisons most people can’t even pick out the false tooth over the natural ones!

Implants Are Your Ticket To Happiness

If you’ve tried dentures, bridges, or are living with missing teeth that embarrass you then you owe it to yourself to consider a dental implant solution! We can restore your teeth, your ability to chew and smile, and your confidence in just a couple of visits!

To find out more about your dental implant options call us at Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry today! Our number is (251) 210-7142. If you want to schedule an appointment right now you can do so by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!