What’s In Your Dental Emergency Kit?


You never know when an emergency is going to happen, especially in your mouth. You could have an injury while driving, walking, playing sports, or even eating. Your mouth is tough but all it takes is the wrong moment to cause serious trauma.

At Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry we’re committed to treating all your dental emergencies as fast as possible – in many cases the very same day you have them. There are a lot of important moments between your accident and walking in our door that are critical to your health, and you need a proper dental first aid kit to take care of them!

What To Have On Hand

If you have a first aid kit at home these items could be simple to add. If not then it’s time to think about picking one up! Being prepared for accidents in the first few moments after they happen is essential!

Immediate Treatment

  • Rubber gloves should be on hand – remember that you might not always be treating yourself! For added security make sure they’re non-latex. You don’t want an allergic reaction in someone you’re trying to help!
  • Gauze pads help wipe away blood and dirt and can make immediate treatment a lot easier.
  • Alcohol wipes are good at sterilizing the wound area and clearing away debris that could make identifying an injury more difficult. We recommend the individually packaged ones for their longer shelf life and better sterilization.
  • A dental mirror and flashlight are essential.  Injuries aren’t always in the most obvious places, and the mouth has a lot of nooks and crannies that are hard to see!
  • Salt can be mixed with water to form an instant sterilizing mouthwash. It kills bacteria and cleans out wounds and it can double as a solution to soak teeth in if they’re knocked out.

Injury Management

  • Cotton swabs are ideal for applying topical items and clearing a wound site. Make sure you keep the in a bag or container that will keep them clean and sterile.
  • Cotton balls help absorb blood, pad an injury site, and fill a socket if a tooth is knocked out. These need to stay in a container too – you don’t want to apply a dirty cotton ball to a wound site!
  • Floss is probably somewhere in your medicine cabinet, right? Make things easier for you and keep some right in your emergency kit. Anyone who’s had something large stuck between their teeth knows how painful it can be!
  • Dental wax is familiar to anyone who’s worn braces. It’s a pliable wax that can be placed over broken braces wires, fractured teeth, or anything else that could cause pain and further injury in your mouth.
  • Temporary filling material is important if you have any fillings (and most of us do). When a filling is damaged or knocked out you can use this stuff to fill the gap and protect your tooth until we can fix it.
  • Vaseline is surprisingly good at reattaching crowns and bridges that have fallen off. Fill the inside of it and pop it in place. It forms a temporary suction seal that will hold it there until we can restore it.

Pain Management

  • Ibuprofen is the ideal pain reliever for your emergency kit. Avoid aspirin – it thins your blood, which you definitely don’t want when dealing with an injury!
  • Cold packs that are single use and chemically activated are perfect for an emergency kit. Having a few in a spot that you’re sure of can help avoid running around and digging through the freezer.
  • Topical numbing gel can take away the pain of sore or damaged gums. It doesn’t last for a super long time but can do the trick until we’re able to treat your injury and permanently relief pain.

Last But Not Least: Our Phone Number!

Emergencies aren’t the time to be unprepared. We recommend having a card with our phone number right in your emergency kit so that you can call us as soon as the situation is stabilized. We’re always willing to see you if you have an emergency or are in pain – simply make the call to Fairhope Cosmetic Dentistry today!

For emergency needs you can call our office right now at (251) 210-7142. If you want to schedule a non-emergency appointment you can do so easily by filling out our online request form. We look forward to seeing you, hopefully under good circumstances!